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Testimonials & Recommendations

Below you can read testimonials and recommendations of people who have travelled through India with a personal driver and rented car. The travel stories are generally positive, sometimes provided with a critical note. Feel free to contact us for more information.


(translation: Wouter Westerhof / Jesper Doctor / Michael Ennema / Ine Coerwinkel / Gerrit Jan Dijkgraaf / Marieke Schoutens / Anita Davelaar / Eugenie Tijdink)

Johan & Marijke and friends with Rattan & friends, April 2015

It was a super trip. All these beautiful things in 14 days. The most beautiful country I have ever seen. The trip was put together terrifically so that we were never bored one bit and we could enjoy more fine things every day.

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Luc and Kathleen with Papu, April 2015

India was great and is indeed beyond comparison. Thanks for the tip to drop Chennai and to chose for Mammalapuram, which was really worth while.

Papu really was a breath of fresh air after ten days of taking care of everything ourselves, he was punctual, knew the area inside out so that everything went smoothly. He informed us accurately about how and what. His English was sufficient to meet our expectations, places to rest / restaurants / shops we asked for, and so on… He was discretely, but attentively present. 

In short a perfect two-days' trip to Delhi and Agra.
Thanks for the cooperation.

Anders & familly from Sweden with Sushil, April 2015

The trip was really good and Sushil was an excellent driver. He also had very good knowledge about anything we were wondering about and was a good source for interesting and useful information. Apart from that he seemed to know every place like his own back pocket. It was a very convinient way to explore the region since our time was limited. Also very reasonably priced, so I would surely recommend this to anyone who is in India for a shorter period of time.

Nicolien & Guido with Rattan, March 2015

The journey went very well. We did have some personal inconveniences, but Rattan helped us with that very well. The fact is that we ended up in a Delhi hospital on our first day. Rattan was a big help to us there. Later while we were travelling he arranged for extra medicine.  He did everything to take our worries off our hands. He took really good care of us. An excellent guy, for sure.

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Walter and Derk with Ajay / Anil, March 2015

We have really enjoyed our trip and we are happy that we travelled by car.  We thought Ajay was very kind en involved and very punctual in meeting his commitments.  Unfortunately he had to return to Delhi after a while due to personal matters.  This was settled very well and we had Anil for a driver on the route Agra to Jaipur and back to Delhi. A fine replacement for Ajay, also very friendly and involved.

I would like to thank you for your advice and your share in setting up the final itinerary.

The Salaam Trust Walk was quite special, especially meeting the street children in the shelter.

The cycling tour through Delhi was definitely worth while. You get to know street life. You visit places you would otherwise not come.

Marije & Ewald, with Bhaskar, March 2015

We have had a more than wonderful trip with Bhaskar as our driver in Rajasthan. What more could we possibly want? He was a safe driver, he was caring, had a sense of humour, he was nice, he advised us well, he really did his best for us, his English was excellent. He has been more than just a driver bringing us from A to B. I can highly recommend him.

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Renate and family with Bhaskar, January 2015

We have had a wonderful trip. First five days in Pune, where my daughter came up with a nice programme and after that the tour from Udaipur to Delhi. It was a feast for our eyes and we enjoyed every minute of it. I have only had to miss one day as I had to keep to my bed because of a fever. But that isn't so bad when travelling for 2,5 weeks with four persons.

Our driver Bhaskar was polite, kind and always punctual and took us (mostly) where we wanted to go. This was the first time we travelled like this and for me it was the second time I visited an Asian country.

I do have a few critical comments to make. Maybe it can be of use to you with other guests who make this trip for the first time. Just to be clear: Bhaskar was a good driver with a typically Indian mentality. For us this is a learning experience. So this is the way things go in these countries. And we will handle things differently next time.

Anyway, thank you very much for mediating. We can look back on a great holiday and we have said goodbye to a happy Bhaskar.

Kees & Joke with Bhaskar, October / November 2014

We have made a wonderful trip through Rajasthan. Bhaskar was not only an exceptional good driver (how terribly hectic the traffic was) he was also friendly, helpful and always on time (nice is fine). And rather important: he had a great sense of humour. We had never seen such flexibility in particular before (changing the route and where to spend the nights).

The highlight of our trip was Pushkarfair, what a wonderful experience. The many pilgrims who came to Pushkar that week and slept out in the open alongside the road made a huge impression on us.

We have already been making plans with Bhaskar to go to Himachal Pradesh in 2015.
In short: it was a special journey and thank you Rattan and Rob for your interest in us during our trip.

Johan with Anil, November 2014

I chose to stay in Pushkar all week, because I thought it was very nice to see the gradual shift from focusing on the camel-fair at the start of the week to the part of the pilgrimage on the last day, Thursday 6 November.

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Peter & Lucia with Anil, October 2014

‘By accident' we travelled in a group with Rattan & Co-drivers through Rajasthan and Agra in March (see: Johan & friends with Rattan & co, March 2014). We liked the journey and local culture so much that we decided to visit other parts of India in October. Because Anil was our driver in March, Anil and myself partly developed our October-trip that was prepared by Rob and we adapted it along the way as one should with a real ‘road trip'. A fun and pleasant adventure with very local contacts as well as a visit to Anil's family in Northern India.

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Leo and Tess with Anil, September 2014

We have had a wonderful week with Anil. Everything went perfectly. Anil is a very calm, friendly and helpful man. He drove us safely from Delhi to Jaipur, Agra and Varanasi. We covered many miles. Anil was very flexible with everything we wanted. TOPS!

Thanks for your help with it all, it was arranged splendidly as well!

Wouter & Leonie with Bhaskar, September 2014

We have been traveling through Asia for more than 10 years, so we have seen quite a few things. But this time we certainly had a wonderful and special holiday. Rather hot, but that is beyond anyone's control. Our driver, Sharma, has certainly contributed to our successful holiday.

1. Perfect driver who stuck to the traffic rules nicely. We haven't felt insecure for a moment in all the chaos.
2. Caring. He warned us against pickpockets and aggressive sellers. He also indicated whether we needed a guide or not.
3. Helpful. If we weren't able to resolve anything he solved it for us. He arranged a guide if necessary. He also arranged replacement transport if we could not get somewhere by car.
4. Kind, funny. We laughed a lot. Humour makes the long journeys bearable. Time flew by really fast. For him as well, so he told us.
5. Extremely thoughtful. We didn't want for anything. En route stopped in time for a cup of coffee or lunch. When there was something wrong with our room he would stand up for us.
6. Informative on our way. Explanations about buildings, flora and fauna.

Saying goodbye was rather emotional on both sides.

Peter and family with Pawan, July 2014

Our trip went very well. Driver Pawan was particularly pleasant. He explained us various options of sights to visit and was very helpful in our search for the right hotels and restaurants. He kept his appointments all the time.

Eventually we had to shorten our ambitious trip. Although we have not been to Jaisalmer because of it, we were happy that we didn't have to travel by car any more. It is easy to misjudge the average speed that can be reached.

The flights from Varanasi (through Delhi) to Kathmandu and back to Delhi with SpiceJet went without a hitch.

All in all we have really enjoyed our trip through (some of) India and Nepal.

It goes without saying that I recommend this formula to friends and acquaintances.

Lisanne (18) and family with Avtar/ Rajasthan, July 2014

As of the moment we arrived at the airport in Delhi until the last day of our stay we had a great time in India. Sweet driver Avtar has certainly contributed to that. He is an excellent driver, his English is good and he is very flexible and reliable. He knows the country very well and he can tell a lot about it. With our family of five we expressed our wishes regularly about, for instance, shops, hotels, cities, restaurants and swimming pools, and we have actually never been let down. One advantage of travelling with a driver is definitely that you never have to look for a hotel yourself, for that is something you won't be too happy about in this country.

Avtar always knew a good restaurant around, wherever we found ourselves. He is very protective and will not let you eat just anything in the streets or walk outside by yourself at night. If you make your wishes perfectly clear about how many days you want to stay somewhere, Avtar can easily arrange for more or fewer nights to be booked at that hotel.

More tips:
- The camel safari in Khuri with a nice evening meal and dance performance!
- Strolling around Jaisalmer and having dinner at TRIO's (with a view on the splendid Fort).
- Watching Octopussy (James Bond film) in Udaipur and having dinner at a hotel with a view on the Palace Hotel.
- Going to the cinema in Jaipur to watch a Bollywood film with another 1,000 Indians in the room.
- Taj Mahal, Agra.
- Ambling along the streets of Pushkar.
So we were quite satisfied about this trip in India. It is a very special country with many different customs and a lot of culture.

Marco & Erica with Sushil, April 2014

We are very pleased about the way the trip worked out! Sushil proved to be a very reliable & punctual driver, who expertly assessed the travelling time & the places worth seeing.

On arrival after a successful flight, Sushil was waiting for us and took us to our hotel (I had booked the Taj Palace for the first night/morning). We arrived at 3 a.m. and were able to freshen up and sleep for an hour. Then we left at 12 a.m. to arrive at Rishikesh at 7 p.m. We took Sushil's advice as for an hotel and that suited us fine. Around 9 a.m. we drove in the direction of Netala. The Toyota Innova has been a good choice. Our children got carsick a little bit at times, but in my opinion it has certainly helped that they were sitting higher in the Innova and were better able to keep their bearings.

On arrival in Netala we were given a hearty welcome and we stayed in the Ashram for eleven days. We walked around for a bit and have been able to achieve the aims of our trip. Our hostess exerted herself and arranged for two priests to help us give a party in which all children of the place were fed; the party stood in the sign of the ancestral prayers. Excursions to among other things: Sukhi Top, Rishikesh, among other things: Ganga aarti.

Johan & friends with Rattan & co, March 2014

Together with Rob and Rattan I have composed a beautiful tour of Rajasthan for ten people, because everyone always showed a great interest in our three former tours of India. The members of our tour group varied from 27 to 77 years of age and from job-seeker to factory manager.

With four cars and eleven people on a fortnights' tour of Rajasthan. Quite a task for me to give this mishmash the trip of a lifetime. I knew that I could totally put my trust in Rob and Rattan.

Han & Helen with Rattan, February/March 2014

Since a few days we're back from India. We have had a beautiful holiday. What an impressive country! We will certainly return sometime. All went well. The distances were well doable…talking with Rattan about all kinds of things you arrive at the next destination before you know it. Besides, he has a lot of experience in avoiding cows, tuk-tuks, cars loaded too heavily, and all other traffic that is travelling through the country in a totally unstructured way.

We found Rattan to be a very sympathetic person who is always ready to help when you need him, and who will suggest good places to visit when even the lonely planet has shortcomings. We said good-bye to Rattan in Bikaner to take the night train to Delhi on the evening of the next day. However, we decided to take the train to Delhi the next morning already, because Bikaner didn't appeal so much to us after all other beautiful destinations in Rajasthan.

Even when it turned out that the desert camp we booked in Jaisalmer did not exist, Rattan remained patient and went looking with us for the perfect alternative; Damodra desert camp, which we can recommend wholeheartedly. Rattan even invited us for dinner in Delhi; unfortunately nothing came of it, but to us it was a sign of Rattan's lavish hospitality and that of splendid India.

Bart & Veronique with Harish, February 2014

We have had a brilliant and unforgettable holiday. By far one of the most beautiful and most impressive tours we ever made. In spite of the busy and tiring travelling schedule, we are still glad that we stayed with this programme. We have seen so much in a short time. Thanks to your suggestions we often visited places far from the beaten path, where few tourists come, which made it very special. In short, a super holiday!

The tour with Harish worked out very well and smoothly. He is a decent man and he understood us immediately. He was unobtrusive and acted very correctly. He only took us to places where we wanted to go. At times he gave sufficient information and explained things. He really did his utmost. The car was daily cleaned on the inside. It must have been tiring for him as well, I think. I would most certainly advise everyone to work together with you and your friends over there. Very good price/quality ratio.

Karan and Charlene with Rattan, February 2014

We have arrived safe and sound! It have been 12 compelling days, but we were able to realize all our plans (as we had expected.) Thanks very much for the tips and service. Rattan is a great guy, he has guided us very well. And he absolutely possesses superb driving skills.

We covered the Agra tour by train, which was an excellent choice. We have seen a great deal of Delhi and we enjoyed Rattan's explanation. That was Delhi in short. A successful trip!

Wim & Yvonne with Rattan, January 2014

I don't know where to begin. We have travelled all over the word, so we have a wealth of experience. We almost always travel on our own. We often rent a car or travel by bus and train (Asia, Africa, and South and Central America).

We had read a lot about India and learned that it is often very intense. It is better not to drive yourself in this chaotic left hand drive traffic. And they are right, cars and people are swarming all over the place. So our advice too is: don't drive yourself. After some looking around we found this site.

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Patrick & Christine from France with Rattan, November / December 2013

Superb 3 week trip in India, North Delhi to the foothills of the Himalayas (2000 m) , with our Rattan driver always available and flexible. Rattan is dynamic and always has suggestions for visits or hotels to offer its clients. Everyone is free to ask anything else.

With him anything is possible. He is always willing to different choices but actually love to argue, sure to feel rightly desires of its customers.
More Rattan takes no commission on the places visited , hotels or shops and even gives advice for the right price .

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Tineke and John with Ajay, October / November 2013

Everything went very well again. Ajay is a quiet, likeable man who does things in a well-considered way. We felt very safe in the car with him. We were very fortunate to have him as our driver.

This time we visited Rishikesh, Haridwar, Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Mandi and Amritsar and also some smaller towns. The last two days we visited Rewalsar (because of the Tibetans), Tattepani (thermal springs) and Delhi.

All destinations were great really. The roads that lead there were often bumpy and dusty, but we always managed to reach the hotel in good time eventually.

India is always fascinating. Perhaps next time we will go to Sikkim and Darjeeling… Unfortunately, you probably won't have any drivers there. That's a pity, because this concept makes travelling in India a lot more comfortable.

Stefan en Victoria with Rattan, October 2013

We have got used to Dutch life again after a really beautiful journey with Rattan. Our main goal was to get information about the origin of my adopted sister. And we found out a lot about Victoria in mother Teresa's orphanage in Patna.

Rattan drove us splendidly the entire 2,5 weeks. The drive from Delhi to Patna was excellent. We saw a lot of strange, unexpected things, so this is highly recommended. And thank you as well, Rob, for arranging our journey.

Agnes and Harry with Raj / Rattan / Bhaskar, October 2013

We went to India again for the third time now, via Rob and Rattan, in October. Our tour started in Amritsar, with driver Raj Kumar, who we already met last time. The golden temple is magnificent indeed, the free meal in the Guru Ka Langar an unique experience, the Jallianwala Bagh, where hundreds of unarmed demonstrators were killed by the English in 1919, was impressive. The warm-heartedness and hospitality of the Sikhs made an impression on us. The ceremony at the Pakistani border is an event not to be missed!

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Anja and Jan / Beppie and Berry with Sushil, September 2013

We found our experience with Sushil as very pleasant. In hectic India we always felt safe with his experienced driving skills. He seems to have a built-in Tom Tom system, because he knows his way around everywhere, in particularly the short cuts. Communication was also very positive. He speaks English very well, can tell a lot and knows jokes, which are as funny even when translated.

We have also been in places where hardly any tourists come in our opinion, especially not when travelling in groups. Moreover, he saw soon that we have a preference for flora and fauna. He responded to this quickly. The information he gave on certain issues and how people can act was very useful. However, he always left the decisions to us. The hotels were to our satisfaction. We have not once rejected a hotel to which he took us. He solved any small matters immediately.

He kept asking us for feedback on sites, places of interest, etc. that he could use for a possible next trips. Sushil has been pleasant and decent company for the entire journey (2500 miles). We would preferably ask for him on our next possible trip to India.

Han and Maureen with Anil, August 2013

We have returned safe and sound. First of all, thanks very much for your clear co-ordination and method of working, which enabled us to experience a major part of India's culture. Although we both fell ill for two days during the trip, we still enjoy looking back to it. We gained insight in a remarkable number of contrasts that exist in India. It was an experience that will not easily be forgotten, but one that has got a special place in our memory.

We are very satisfied with Anil's role during our tour. He is a kind man and an excellent driver. He meets his commitments and he takes his responsibilities. Especially the latter is an important point in his favour, since he always informed us clearly about any “problems” we could meet when visiting market places, temples, etc. We have also learned to know Anil as a hospitable person, who invited us at his home twice. We made the acquaintance with his family in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thomas and Zazoe with Deepak, July 2013

We have had unforgettable experiences in India. Despite the boiling hot weather we are very satisfied about the course of the journey. Deepak has contributed a great deal in all this.
Previous to the holiday we did not know quite what to expect from him. After all, there were no reviews or other information on this site.

Deepak is a gentle and shy man. He provided us with tips and tricks on various places in India. This prevented us (most of the time) from becoming victims of some tourist scams. We felt very safe in the car with Deepak.

In some cities we had to make great haste, but that was to be expected with our tight schedule. I only had good experiences and I would surely recommend him to friends and family. He was always on time and provided us with chilled bottles of water.

Bob & Kitty from the UK with Rattan, July 2013

Rattan met us in Varanasi and took us to Lucknow, Nainital and back to Delhi.
He is a very reassuring driver to have and he is a good guide.
The trip was eventful with poor roads and even poorer drivers but Rattan got us through safe and sound.
Thank you Rattan, we hope to see you again.

Jean-Pierre, Thieu and Rafke with Anil, July 2013

It has been a lovely trip with a fine driver and guide. Pleasant, English on a sufficient level and he spared no effort to make things just the way we wanted them!
It was great to be back in India, and already it tastes moreish. For my children as well, who got along with Anil very well. We also went to visit him.
In short … we had a super trip.

Josfin and Irma with Ajay, April / May 2013

After having more than 25 years of experience abroad including being an expat in Asia and going on holidays with drivers, I can warmly recommend the way I travelled through India recently. Luckily I ran into the “Devarosa” website while surfing the Internet. The structure of the site made me feel comfortable enough to go a step further.

I sent Rob (Dutch and Belgian contact) an e-mail including my wish list.
Compliments for Rob who responds to every mail immediately as if he is sitting next to you. And with an adjustment in places (after consideration “what is wise?”) all my wishes were met. So I really got my money's worth.

This shows the skills of this organisation the way it is structured now. It has a good crew of drivers with a sound fleet of cars.
Another remarkable thing of this organisation is “that all connections were made one-to-one”, which is impossible to do when travelling with a group and hard to do for a lot of Indian travel agencies.

Our driver on this trip was Ajay, whose social skills can be mentioned as an extra personal quality.

Lieve and Reimond Belgium with Bhupender, March / April 2013

And so we are back from a beautiful journey through fascinating India. We have gathered a lot of new impressions that have a lasting effect! It was wonderful to have been taken care of by Bhupender, our driver for the upcoming two weeks, after the long flight from Amsterdam to Delhi.

Bhupender speaks English very well, has a sense of humour and he was always punctual! He took us safe and quick through the heavy traffic and he always stayed perfectly cool, even in the most eccentric circumstances. He knew his way around everywhere as well. He could also suggest us various hotels of all kinds. And he took us to wonderful restaurants: enjoyable, with good food and especially safe!

Although our journey had been outlined in advance, Bhupender was open to a spontaneous trip to Mandawa. We really appreciated that! Thanks Bhupender. Thanks Rob, for arranging our departure properly.

Koen and Caroline with Bhaskar, March / April 2013

We have just come back from India. We have had a nice journey. Driver Bhaskar was much better than we expected: good driver, flexible, pleasant and funny.
Everything went very smoothly. Thanks for your service.

Else and Paul with Rattan, March 2013

We went to India for the second time in 4 years via the website Devarosa. The best option to get there was through the Emirates and we arrived in Delhi in the early morning. The magnificent airport had been completely renovated. We saw the rebuilding going on 4 years ago, including the camels bringing in the cement.

This time the holidays started different from usual because Rob told us that our driver and our prop and stay Rattan had had a guestroom for visitors since then, in a real Indian quarter. We stayed there on our way out for 2 nights and again on our way back for 1 night.

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Han with Rattan in Madhya Pradesh, February 2013

Can I trust this? Who is behind this website? These were the first thoughts that came into my mind when I took a look at the website advertising a “car and driver in India.” I took the chance, mainly because half the trip was to be payed upon arrival and the other half upon departure.

I just came back (27/2/2013). I travelled a month with Rattan Singh, my driver, and his car, in a less touristic area with a fragile infrastructure but also with a lot of things to see: I truly saw India. I travelled through Madhya Pradesh. And I've had a FANTASTIC time.

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Jenny and Wim with Ajay, February 2013

Everything was perfectly in order. It's nice to see you cooperating with the drivers in this way.

Jan and Carla with Bhaskar, January 2013

We've certainly done our share of world travelling. For instance, we've made a 28-day trip through China with the two of us. Because of the many stories – or should I say ‘warnings'? – about, for example, Indian hygiene, we decided to divide our trip in two parts: eight days in the north, followed by seven days at the coast near Goa.

In the beginning of January a problem turned up: Kingfisher told us our flight from New Delhi to Jabalpur, for a visit to Badhavgarh, had been cancelled. Forced by these circumstances, we decided to travel entirely by car.

(To be continued …)

Annette and daughters with Bhaskar, December 2012

We've had a great and extended trip. We did a tour of Rajasthan, from Mandawa to Agra by Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, and Jaipur. From Agra, we took the night train to Varanasi and continued thence by plane to Delhi. In short, we've been doing and seeing a lot. Varanasi especially was very impressive. But the forts and palaces in the cities were also beautiful. The natural environment was, at times, similar to that of Curaçao, where we lived for a number of years, so this was familiar to us. Culture, of course, is entirely different.

I was amazed by the pervasive dirtiness: rats in trains, and things like that. We have enjoyed everything different, the nice food, the beautifully coloured saris, the markets, and the temples. A colleague of mine was in India at the same time. He doesn't want to go back because of its dirtiness. I don't know if I'll return to India – there's so much to see in the world – but I found it to be great! Transportation was fine, the driver (Bhaskar) polite and proper. He was always on time, and things like that.

Bernadette and family with Prem, December 2012

By now we've been back in the Netherlands for a week, recovering from an unforgettable and fascinating trip through India. We'd like to thank you for mediating between us and our driver in northern India. Prem was our tower of strength and a great driver. The children adored him.

Benita & Jeremy from South - Africa with Anil, December 2012

Anil was great fun! He is a VERY skilled driver and a typical Delhi driver coming from a bus/trucking background. My husband sat in the front with Anil and the first few days he nearly pushed a hole through the floor, trying to use the breaks. But as soon a he got used to the driving (very different to SA) and realized that Anil is a very safe driver, it became a great adventure.

Anil has a great personality, a fantastic sence of humor. He was keen to take us where ever we wanted to go. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He had a good knowledge of the area and took us to great restaurants.

I will certainly highly recommend him for anyone visiting India and if we ever visit Rajastan again, he will be my choice again.

Maria, Fia and Annelie with Anil, December 2012

By now we are back in the Netherlands, which took some time to get used to. But we have had a very nice vacation.
Anil was a fine driver, quick and safe. We drove to Jaipur via Pushkar, and thence to Agra. We stayed in Jaipur at Christmas. A lady invited us to a midnight Mass, and Anil accompanied us there. For him as well as for us, this was a very special experience.

The weather at Agra was misty and cold, so we only visited the Taj Mahal. The next day, we drove on to Delhi, where Anil dropped us off at the airport.
All in all, we have had a very nice trip, during which we saw, and did, very much. Consulting with Anil was very satisfying.
Whenever we are back in northern India, we know how to find you. We'd definitely do this again!

Agnes and Harry with Raj, November 2012

We are back in our home country! Thank you very much for your help: you have given a job to an excellent driver, and a very nice journey to us. We felt at ease immediately with Raj. He asked about our plans and expectations, and those were completely fulfilled! We are very satisfied with him and would recommend him to anyone.

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Ton, Mary, Fred and Els with Sushil, October 2012

We have had a very pleasant time with Sushil. He is a very nice driver and we applaud him for driving the way he did in busy India. We felt very safe while he was at the wheel and would definitely recommend him to other tourists. That's why we gave him the day off at the end of our holiday, so that he could visit his wife and children before starting on his next trip the following day.

Sushil too was very comfortable; we had a very good connection. We have seen and done very much, and Sushil knew where we could eat the best food or enjoy the prettiest view. Most of all, he's a great guy, and we would absolutely recommend him for your other guests.

Marcha and Jennifer with Anil, October 2012

Our trip through India with Anil has been great! He has also helped us in finding sleeping accommodation and with the train tickets.
Thank you very much for your help. If we have any family or friends going to India we will absolutely recommend your website.

Anneke with Sudarshan, September 2012

I've been back from lovely India for a few days now and am now trying to settle back in my life here. Returning from India to the Netherlands feels like a bigger change than when I departed the Netherlands for India. I have had a great time!

I have spent almost three weeks in India, and for ten days I have travelled with Sudarshan through Rajasthan. Because I was travelling alone this seemed like the best way to confront India's seeming chaos, and to have someone to talk to as well.

At first, we had to get used to each other: when driving for long periods of time, just with us two in the car. But we had many interesting conversations and I could ask him about anything that popped up in my head. Sudarshan knows a lot! As we got used to each other we became more comfortable, and our conversations grew more personal.

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Jos, Janine and Jourean with Raj, August 2012

We have had a great time with Raj. He is a delightful fellow! Although he consistently presents himself as 'driver', he is also a great guide. With his years of experience he knows a lot about Rajasthan. Buildings, places, habits, villages - he has something to tell about all of them. Enough for us, in any case, because we don't want to be showered with the usual stuff told by every organised tour guide (we have seen and heard it, and try to avoid such guides like the plague when we travel).

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Walter, Jolanda and Tijn with Anil, July/August 2012

We're back from a great vacation in Rajasthan. For the largest part, this is due to Anil. We felt a great connection with him and he has assisted us decisively throughout our trip with a great eye for good service. Everything went very easy for us.

We felt free to choose our hotels and whenever we needed help Anil advised us very well. We have had no low points in our journey. We are also very happy to have travelled the tour in the opposite direction. I think Anil has also been able to add some new hotels to his list.

We are very satisfied and will recommend 'India Individueel' to everyone going to India. I wish Anil a lot of work (and income), to help him and his kids.

Frits and Liesbeth with Lakraj, July 2012

We have had great experiences in India. The two weeks with Lakraj went very well. He is a very professional taxi driver who knows every spot in India. He listened carefully to our wishes and advised us about them, leading us to the prettiest places and the best hotels for us.

On occasion, we did find him to be somewhat reckless in traffic, but this seems to be a general problem with India's cab drivers. We made the tour as planned. After two weeks, we left Lakraj and continued by plane from Delhi to Varanasi. If we return to India, we will book another vacation with him right away.

Agnes and Marcel with Rattan, June 2012

We're back from fantastic India for a few weeks now and are busy selecting our photos and sorting our thoughts . we have had a great trip in Rajasthan! India is a country full of contrasts, colours and scents, and it has a lot of special places to visit. We are very much impressed by all we've seen and the kindness of the people. Three weeks on, images from our travels keep returning to us, and we are still fascinated by the country.

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Maaike & Martin with Rattan, March 2012

We only had 1 week to traveling in India and chose to catch the night train from Bikaner to Jaisalmer to gain time. That is why we only had booked a car for 2 days with driver from Delhi to Bikaner (with overnight in the Shekhawati area).
But, if we had known how fantastic the ride was -and especially our driver Rattan- we had booked for the whole week.

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Arja and Jan with Anil, March 2012

We are back in the Netherlands by now, after a fantastic vacation, in part due to you. Everything was arranged perfectly. When we arrived at night, Anil was waiting for us to bring us to our hotel. The next morning, we met Rattan himself and discussed everything. After that, our trip could begin.

Jose & Alicia with Rattan, January 2012

During our trip to India in, Alicia, my girlfriend and I, spent 2 weeks with Rattan on the road. We decided to hire his services after a good friend recommended us his group of drivers. I have to admit that we were a bit skeptical because we had heard a lot of bad experiences with drivers from other friends. But, in the case of Rattan, we couldn't be wronger.

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in Spanish

Jaap & Margrethe with Suresh, November / December 2011.

We have had a fantastic trip and we have gathered many new impressions and have seen many beautiful things. Suresh took care of us to the last detail, he booked all the hotels to our satisfaction and he was dedicated to us. He got us through traffic safely and in a controlled fashion. In one word: fantastic. We were very happy with Suresh.

Tjerk & Claudie with Sudarshan, November 2011

For many years we have been travelling to far away destinations. Usually we merely buy a round-trip ticket and book a hotel for the first night. It seemed to us that travelling through India would be a little bit too adventurous to attempt on our own. Therefore, we decided to hire a private driver. We googled and found Rob. He brought us into contact with Sudarshan. It proved a masterstroke, because we got along famously.

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Patrick and Nina with Sudarshan, September 2011

We left Belgium for India on the 27th of August. During our first week we flew on a domestic flight from Delhi to Varanasi, from there to Khajuraho, and then took a cab to Orchha and a train to Agra.

There, we had agreed to meet Sudarshan for our 16-day tour through Rajasthan. He was perfectly on time for our meeting. In fact, during the rest of our trip, our driver was always on time, wherever we agreed to meet.

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Jan and Petra with Rattan, August 2011

We're just back from vacation and very excited! India is a bizarre country, where nothing seems to go according to rules. Before we went, we decided we wanted to have a completely new experience. Well, India surely delivered! What surprised us every day is the traffic: utter chaos. Oxes, horses, tractors, ghost riders, cars, buses, pedestrians, bicyclists, dogs, etc. all seem to function together according to a logic entirely incomprehensible to us.

This was a new experience to us every day. The best things we experienced were: the view on the city of Jaipur, Bharatpur National Park with a lot of beautiful birds and monkeys, the natural north with a view of the Himalaya at Kausani, and the parental village of our driver Rattan, where we saw a shaman at work.

In short, we had a great trip, also due to Rattan's input. His commitment, humour, and professionalism transformed everything into an unforgettable experience. He was always willing to do anything and listened carefully to our wishes. Rattan, thank you!

Albert and family with Tinku, July/August 2011

We're back and well from a tough and exhausting trip through Rajasthan. In fact, we're still recovering … but oh, oh, what a beautiful country it is, and how glad we are none of us has got really sick, even while we were with a group of five. We've been very careful with what we ate.

And yes, Tinku. He was the best driver we could have imagined. Tinku was relaxed, polite, obliging and fully at our service. I still need to get used to that attitude (I like to discuss plans), but he was available and ready to drive at all times.

While on the road, he also acted as our guide. He did this very pleasantly and shared the things he knew throughout the day. We've also met yelling drivers, and chauffeurs driving very fast and dangerous. Tinku, however, kept his composure.

In short: a fantastic trip and a well organised taxi with driver.

Francien and family with Avtar, July 2011

Everything went very well. It's been a unique experience, with a lot of impressions, and completely different from our earlier vacations. The three teenagers, however, have less positive memories. On me, the country and the people have made a big impression, but not always in a good way.

In any case, we were very happy with Avtar and his involvement, advice, and arranging of hotels and events. Without his, and your, involvement, we would have been completely lost in this country and our trip would have turned out very differently … that is clear to us by now!

Roland, Marjolein and Anwar with Rattan, April/May 2011

We are back in the (also sunny) Netherlands. It was a very special trip, which we would not want to have missed! Also due to your help to Rattan, and Rattan's help to us, this has been a fantastic and unforgettable trip for us.

Complete vacation diary is not available in English.

Hilde and Lea with Rattan, April 2011

We are back in the country. The flight was excellent, like the trip. My first experience with India has been great! Rattan is an excellent driver, and we felt very safe in his car. He knew exactly what we wanted and gave us more advice everywhere, on things to do, to visit, or not to do …

Thank you very much for all of your help.

Johan and Monique with Rattan, March 2011

For the second time, we have used the taxi service in India. This time, we did so as part of a trip in northern India, during which we were picked up at 6 a.m. at Agra Station, after arriving from Varanasi, and were dropped off at Jodhpur Airport four days later.

After our journey on the night train from Varanasi, it was great to walk straight into Rattan's arms after alighting from the train. He was waiting in exactly the right place. It was very agreeable to arrive like this and depart for the Taj Mahal two minutes later.

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Johan and Tiny with Raj, December/January 2011

During our trip to Nepal and India of the past winter we have profited from Raj Kumar's (and his Ambassador's) services for three weeks. This was an individual trip of nine weeks and before we left, we were in contact with Rob about the possible use of his services.

On the road, we decided to use his services, and we certainly do not regret it. We were picked up in Agra and dropped off in Udaipur three weeks later, after an extensive trip through Rajasthan.

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Frank & Ted with Avtar, June 2010

After a short week in Leh we came back by plane to Delhi, where Avtar was already waiting for us punctually (with a badge) on the airport. Of course he recognised us immediately from January last year. We walked to his luxurious car where we could step in directly, what a pleasure! After the colder Ladakh , in Delhi we were all of the sudden in very hot temperatures;…we did not realize that it could be so warm, so this car was perfect with a lot of space, we felt on top of the World!

From Delhi we moved on to Chandigargh, this was not a very nice town, We had not expected that either, but it was on the way to Amritsar. This was nice, but very busy with tourists from India self at this time of the year..The golden temple was very impressive and the border ceremonie in Wagahs was very nice to have experienced. Also here the heat was terrible, but worth the trouble. We stayed for two nights in Amritsar. Afterwards we went on to Mcleodganj, yes that was a lovely beautiful environment, nice village, we were in a hotel in Bhagsu, about 1/ 1/5 km. away from Mcleodganj, very relaxed and walked a lot. Here it was also very hot, but much better to cope with than the rest of India. We stayed here for five nights. We did not need a taxi, there was almost not even a possibility for a taxi; it was very busy with tourists from India self.

The fourth day we went on exploring the region of Avtar, Kangra, Palampur, a beautiful surroundings with mountainous area and many rice and teaplantations, Marie-Louise! Afterwards we drove back via Shimla to Delhi, we did not feel like staying here and after talking it over with Avtar , we went on to Delhi the next day where we could take a rest from the trip. Well Delhi was a little bit worse than we had expected because of the high temperatures. On the whole we had lovely holiday.
Many thanks of course, and we shall apply again when we have plans to come to India again.

Tracey & Jim, Hermien & Pete met Raj, maart 2010

Travelling with Raj in the White Ambassador was great! I love the Ambassador- elegant, a touch of class, an antique style car with modern day comfort - good suspension (essential for the bumpy, pot-holed Indian roads) and lots of room. (We travelled with two friends and all four of us squeezed in!). But travelling with Raj was the best thing. He was fun to be with, open and honest.

Forthright, he was never shy about giving his opinion on any subject, and because he spoke excellent English he was able to answer all of the questions that came to my mind - from 'what's that'? when we saw some strange food stuff when passing through a village, to what was life like being a driver, to his views on arranged marriage. Raj made us laugh, gave great reccomendations for hotels/restaurants/shops and took great care of us in every way.

Jan, Truus, Harry and Nel with Sushil, October / November 2009

We call India more of an experience than a holiday. All impressions have now settled in. It is a country that can not be compared to another. Masses of people, colors, scents, noises, etcetera. This country can hardly be described. You have to live it. Life in all forms manifests each day in full proportions and sometimes extremities in the streets.

We had planned to see a large number of sightings. What we did not count on was the amount of things you see and feel travelling from one place to another. We have seen and lived through so much, an enriching experience. This also makes you tired and we had to rest and think about our journey.

What with the incredible chaos on the roads and their quality, driving is an art here in India. But Sushil took us safely to all places we wanted to see. We greatfully thanked him for this. He is an experienced and very alert driver. When asked what he needed to drive in India, Sushil said, a steering-wheel, a car-horn and a great deal of luck.

When needed and asked Sushil neatly arranged other things for us, like guides, tuk-tuks and the boat-trip in Varanasi. We changed the travel-program for a day. Instead of spending the night in Lucknow, we bedded in Bareilley. Again Sushil phoned in to arrange rooms. We did this because the trip (Varanasi - Bareilley) is easily done in a long day.(We reached Lucknow around noon.).And our trip the next day continued steadily towards the Himalaya's with enough time for stops and to enjoy the beautiful sights.

During the week Nainital - Kausani, the Jim Corbett National Park was really nice in several ways. Cool temperature, calmer, clean air, less dirt and beautiful nature.

Where in the low-country it is a mass of impressions, the nature really has the highest rule in the Himalaya's. Pure enjoyment. All in all the four of us look back on a beautiful, but also incredibly impressive journey. We will remember this trip for a long time.

Also, again thanks to Rob for his advice, that really contributed to this unique experience.

Koos and Aly with Rattan October 2009

It's been the fourth time in 10 years that Koos and Aly went on tour with Rattan through India. But never did they write anything for our website. Of course it was a fantastic trip with the prime destination being Kausani in Uttaranchal. ( RP )

Eddy and Marleen with Babu, September / October 2009

Returned from an unforgettable journey in a unique country. The system shock predicted to us by many, that is to say: ( the dirt, stench, poverty and people writhing with pain in the streets) did not manifest. Have we become numbed by our previous travels to distant countries, or has India truly evolved. We think: the latter. It's obvious that there is a lot of poverty, but we didn't see any really terrible situations.

Only the hectic traffic exceeded everything we had ever seen before. Luckily we had Babu, who is a great driver, perfectly able to navigate us safely through the crowded streets. From our western perspective you could think the long traveling times were a disadvantage but they flew past thanks to the good talks we had with Babu, who taught us a lot about India and also about the place he came from, namely Nepal.

Agnes & Harry with Bharat, September 2009

On arrival in Delhi Bharat is already waiting for us. The first impression is OK and he takes us to Ivory Palace where we can freshen up a bit. The weather is unfavorable: it's 8 degrees colder than it normally is and it 's raining (according to the newspapers the day before today was the second wettest day of the year). We make a tour through old Delhi by car and then we take a rickshaw to the Friday mosque and the red fortress, but gradually we are getting soaked; we visit the MG museum and return to the hotel.

Travel report

Titia, Margreet and John with Sudarshan, August 2009

After hours of reading, looking at photos , searching on the Internet and viewing images on the unsurpassed Google Earth, the day had come: we were walking into the lobby of Indira Gandhi Airport. Sudharshan, our driver for the upcoming three weeks, was waiting for us (to our relief). The first encounter with India, was when we felt the heat outside the arrival hall; 25 degrees (celcius) at 3AM. When we arrived at Sudharshans car, we looked at one another with some doubt. The Ambassador looked quite old to us. Despite our thorough preparation, this type of car escaped our attention.

Travel report

Melinda, Monique, Paulien, Jose with Sushil , August 2009

WE LOVE INDIA AND SUSHIL! Thank you very much for your mediation, we have had a wonderful time in India (Delhil-Jaipur-Agra-Delhi). We have had a great time, we never expected travelling could be so much fun and a so relaxing. Sushil has told us much about India. He was our 'driving lonely planet', speaks English very well and we suspect he also understands some Dutch. If we were speaking to one another in our native language, he would give the correct answer in English.

But it was more than that: he was not only our guide, he became our friend during these four days. He gave us tips on what was wise to do and what not, he arranged tickets, he arranged good guides at the many sights and he took us to the best shops. If we did not want to go to a particular shop, he would just bring us somewhere else without discussion. He was a more than excellent driver: we felt save with him driving (although the traffic does take some getting used to).

Every day, we would take off in a clean car (clean on the outside and inside), he made sure we got our necessary supply of vitamins and because of his good sense of humor we have laughed a lot. It was an unforgettable and wonderful trip, definitely worth repeating.

Corry, Arina, Evelien, Alexandra and Esther with Puran, August 2009

It was a very nice trip. We have really enjoyed ourselves! It is an incredible country: the smells, the colors, the beautiful and sweet people. Unfortunately also many poor people, quite a contrast. Puran was a good driver. In the midst of all the chaos, he drove composed and did not take any unnecessary risks. A very friendly and helpful man.

In Jaipur he had dropped us off at the wrong terminal for the flight to Bangalore. Apparently, there was a brand new terminal from which Kingfisher Airlines also departed. Quickly we made a phone call to Puran, after which he came back to drive us to the correct terminal. That was quite an exciting moment. Luckily the flight was delayed.

Thank you for organizing this all!

Janneke & Richard with Raj / Rakesh, July and August 2009

I want to thank you for the amazing help you gave us, which has made our journey through Radjastan an unforgettable experience. In the end we have chosen to make our trip in the Ambassador, which turned out to be a very good decision. The trip was also very enjoyable due to our driver on the first day in Delhi (Raj), as well as to our 'replacement' driver (Rakesh):

- They drove with care and did not take any risks
- We were provided with a lot of valuable religious and historical background information
- We were advised about the hotels
- Rakesh has probably prevented me from having to take a trip to the hospital, by supplying us with extra medicine and advising a treatment plan when during my 1,5 days of illness my temperature rose above 40 degrees (Celcius).

All in all I will certainly recommend this manner of travelling through Rajasthan to family and friends. Service, convenience and comfort were wonderful.

Thea & Martin with Bharat, July and August 2009

We are back in Holland, but are still trying to acclimate. What a difference with India! We have had a fantastic holiday. Bharat was super. He drove safe, gave good advice and he has helped us tremendously when our intestines were acting up. He always had bananas and cola in stock.

The time it took to travel in India were totally different from what we had expected. You had already warned us about this and 50 km/h was indeed the absolute maximum speed. Because of this, our planning was very flexible. Bharat also was very extremely flexible. The journey was very special and we still need time to comprehend it all.

Jacco and Nancy with Avtar, May / June 2009

It has been a week since we came back from our wonderful trip to India and Nepal.
As agreed, Avtar (our driver) was waiting for us at the airport of Delhi. After such a long journey, it was very nice to relax on the backseat of a car and let someone else drive you to your hotel.

This was in fact the way things went throughout the whole journey. Avtar was ready and willing to help us at any moment. If for example we went to take a look at a temple, Avtar gave us advice in advance how best to do so (take a guide with us, do not take a guide with us, etc.). If we were done sight-seeing or relaxing, we would only have to get back to the taxi and Avtar was ready to drive us to our next destination.

On days we wanted to bike around a bit, Avtar would sometimes feel guilty about not having to drive us anywhere. He was very surprised that we had rented bikes, when he had a taxi "at our disposal?!". Sometimes we simply wanted to travel by bike in the afternoon (this was in Kajuraho).

At one point we were getting a bit sick and again Avtar was there to help us. He was willing to arrange a visit to a doctor/ hospital, but fortunately it did not have to come to that. A tip for everyone: Do not visit India in June. It is extremely hot during the day, which means that you have only the early mornings and the evenings to do some sight-seeing. In our last week (third week of June) we visited Nepal, which was much more pleasant this time of year.

India has made a great impression on us. The crowds, the noise, the stench, the poverty, but also the lovely scent of incense, the beautiful colors of womens saree, the friendliness of the people, the faith with all its ceremonies, temples, places of prayer and cremation, the liveliness of it all, day and night . it often contradictory, but really nice to experience.

In the last week of our vacation we visited Nepal, where we hiked towards the Himalayas. This was also a beautiful experience. There are big differences: in comparison with India, Nepal is much more focused on the Western world. This is what makes India so very beautiful, it is very pure .

All in all we will never forget this experience.

Due to the help we received from Rob, who was ready to answer any of questions, and the good care of Avtar (with his funny humor, which takes some time to get used to) we had a wonderful vacation. We recommend this way of visiting this impressive country to everyone.

Suaran & friends from Malaysia, May 2009

I have been a friend of Rattan's since 2004 when I first got the opportunity to meet him when he was engaged to be my driver for a round trip in Rajasthan for about 12 days.

He was excellent and we have stayed in touch eversince. I look back to the Rajasthan with fond memories. My mother was also with me during the trip and she had a wonderful time. She talks about it till today and only has nice things to say about Rattan and his warm friendly service.

I was recently back in India, and this time with a group of 7 friends who wanted to head north to Simla and Manali. Our trip began on 8th May. Rattan was only able to join us when we returned to Delhi for about 3 days. Rattan showed us around Delhi and took great care of everyone in the group.

Everyone only had positive reviews of Rattan's service and his eagerness to help/clarify in all circumstances. We also appreciated how hard he tried to make our stay comfortable in India and that he looked out for our safety and happiness at all times. He went out of his way and beyond the call of duty for us.

All of us will remain grateful for the amazing service and cheerful disposition of Rattan who now has new found fans amongst my friends.

Rattan had very nice things to say about you as we sat down one evening and I learned a lot about his background, his struggles and how one dutch gentlemen offered a helping hand and changed his life. For that, may God bless you for your loving act of kindness.

When India beckons again, I shall be calling Rattan!

Johan, Marijke and Indra with Rattan, April 2009

During the Easter holidays (14 days in April 2009), we traveled about 2300 km across Rajasthan with Rattan. We more or less followed the traditional route. We will not be writing an extensive travel journal, since these can be found all over the Internet.

The journey itself is not tiring. During the warmest period of the day, you travel in a comfortable car. On the road, you will never be bored. There are regular stops to get something to drink, to get a bite to eat or to visit something or another.

Rattan is a careful driving, which is an uncommon quality of Indian drivers. (Defying traffic is one of the major attractions during your holiday).

Travel report

Richard & Ramona with Pappu & Rattan, April 2009

We left for India on April 10th. After a turbulent flight we arrived late in Delhi. Luckily the formalities did not take too long and we introduced ourselves to Pappu. A nice man, but also a man of few words. We checked into our hotel and had a good night sleep. The next day we had plans to go to Delhi and, still very tired, the impressions we got of the city weighed heavy on our emotions. We were very impressed with the way people live there.

Travel report

Elke and Karim with Rattan, March/April 2009

Our journey through Rajasthan went pretty good. The route was more or less how I had planned and suggested. We did stay in Jodhpur and Bikaner for only one night.

In Mandawa we made a visit with a local guide, in Khuri we took a camel ride, in Ranakpur we took a beautiful walk . and we also took a walk in the bird park in Keoladeo.

For us, the most beautiful city was Udaipur. Ranakpur was a delightful stop. It was very pleasant to see some nature and the walk with the guide was incredibly lovely. Agra and its Taj Mahal has also been unforgettable. Furthermore, we were also very impressed with Fatehpur Sikri, the fort and the hindu temple in Bikaner and the city palace in Jaisalmer.

We were less imposed by Pushkar. Except for the shops, there is not much to see there. We also did not like the camel ride in Khuri. It was an enriching experience, but unfortunately our guides were not very communicative.

Anyway, it was a very nice trip and we will be thinking of it for many times to come. We were very glad we chose a car including a driver. Rattan knows the area very well and he has good suggestions, which is quite nice. He also told us which hotels were the best. Especially the guest house in Jodhpur and the Bikaner hotel were super great.

Rattan was an easy person to be around and we will certainly recommend him to people we know who are thinking about going on a trip to India. We want to thank you [Rob] for your involvement in arranging a driver.

Natascha, Alexandra & Patty with Bharat, February / March 2009

On Februari 22th Bharat picked us up from the airport of New Delhi for a 10-day tour through Nord of India. The tour went from there to Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar and finished in Udaipur. During this trip you have shown us everything and more. You gave us the feeling we were safe among the chaotic traffic on the streets and everytime you would find a nice and good hotel within budget.

We had no worry's in the world and you took very good care of us. 9 out of 10 times you knew the answer to our questions and things you didn't knew you would ask around to tell us later. Futher, you had your own questions about Holland and other countries I have visite and so we had a lot of nice conversations during our rides.

We have very much enjoyed this trip, your company and your humor. All and all, a recommondation for everyone! And who knows, will meet again in the future. All the best to you!

Stefanie and Uiles with Pappu, February 2009

Everything went well, we were very impressed by India. We travelled from New Delhi to Jaipu. After this we travelled to Pushkar, Ranthambhore, Agra and then per train to Varanasi.

We were very happy with Pappu; he took us to restaurants that were safe for us to eat in and he was very useful arranging hotels (we did not have reservations in advance). Communicating with Pappu went well; with the chauffeurs we had during our last trip to India this was not always the case.

The trip to Varanasi was fun also, but maybe this can also be done by car, since travelling train takes 15 hours (excluding delays). On the other hand, we did not have much time left.

The next time we will go to India, we hope to visit the northern part and Dharamsala.

Inge and Johan, with Rattan, November / December 2008

We arrived safely back in our homeland Belgium. Our trip went really well; we couldn't have imagined a better driver. He had tons of good ideas, and wasn't pushy when we didn't feel like doing something. We've had a lot of fun together.
A more detailed report will follow soon.

Harry and Els, with Avtar, November 2008

We are back from Rajasthan, and we really enjoyed ourselves there! Avtar was a good choice for a driver. India sure is a beautiful country, that will shock your senses!

Travel Report Rajasthan 2008

Jos en Françoise, with Sushil - October / November 2008

This trip through Rajasthan fulfilled all of our expectations. It was simply beautiful! India is a colourful land, full of contrasts: rich and poor, beautiful and dirty, a wide diversity of religions, and great, peaceful people. By travelling with a personal driver, you get close to the local people and therefore experience their way of life in the best way possible.

Sushil wasn't just an experienced driver who guided us safely through all of the chaos, but his proper English, knowledge of the area and his humour will be a lasting memory. We read Aravind Adiga's book twice during our trip, and rode with the "White Tiger". Thank you Rob, for helping us get on our way.

Jaap & Helen and Hilde & Karin, the second time with Rattan - September / October 2008

We have been back from our trip for a few days now, and we're still getting used to the quietness again. We made a tour through Himachal Pradesh, among other places. Everything went really well, thanks of course to our Rattan.

Rob, thank you for looking after us so well.

Peter & Andrea (from Swiss) with Surinder, October 2008

The 3 day trip Golden Triangle with Surinder was excellent, really the ever best driver and tourist guide we ever had.

Thank you for having arrnaged everything for us so well.

Caroline & Robyn (NZ) with Bharat, September / October 2008

The thought of being confined in a car with a driver – somebody you don’t know – on your first trip to India is a bit daunting. Would they be trustworthy? And would they even turn up at the pick-up point that had been arranged? We needn’t have worried. Bharat duly arrived (during a demonstration on the train platform at Jodphur) and took good care of us from that moment, to our departure at the hotel in Delhi. By that time we were firm friends.

Bharat is a good family man and a good host to his guests in his trusty Ambassador car – truly an Indian classic. He helped us with our little errands & with our wants, had good advice to offer, but was never pushy about it. Completely reliable and a vigilant driver on difficult roads! Thanks Bharat for looking after us so well.

Text and photos

Shaarla, Walter and Gil, with Rattan - August 2008

We're back home, and it feels as if we never went away. We had a great time. Rattan is a sociable man; we never had any trouble whatsoever. He does his best to help you with everything you ask for. We really enjoyed ourselves, and also visited Rattan's home. I hope he enjoyed our company as well. Maybe I'll go back to India for a week in January.

Hilde en Peter with Babu, July / August 2008

We had an amazing vacation . We had a great time with Babu. He certainly is a good driver, and he also made us laugh on numerous occasions. Basically, everything went perfect. The trip to Leh was astonishing as well. I want to thank you for your help with the planning, and especially with arranging a driver for us.

Charlotte, Anouk and Els, with Bharat - July 2008

Everything went well. We are very pleased with the driver, Bharat. An excellent choice! He is very concerned and helping, yet keeps the right amount of distance: a true professional.

Marieke and Klaas, with Babu - July 2008

We've had a wonderful vacation, and we were very pleased with travelling with a personal driver. Babu was great company, and he could tell us a lot about India and the places that we visited. He gave us many useful tips, and was able to find a nice and cheap hotel for us all of the time. In summary: it was absolutely great.

Peet, Eva and Marianne, with Bharat - June / July 2008

We always felt really secure around our Gandhi Bharat, in all aspects. He drives very properly, as far as that's possible in a country like India. My daughter told me yesterday that she's going to make a medallion for Bharat, since he guided us safely through everything. He drove us everywhere we wanted to go, and we had a great time with each other.

India stole my heart. Especially the country side, where you can still see, smell, and taste the real India. It's a land of contrasts in all aspects; a land to love. I will definitely return sometime, to travel more northwards . But only with our own Gandhi Bharat!

It's really awkward to be back home again. My heart is still in India. Rob, thank you so much for everything. It was an amazing experience!

Diana and Sonya, with Rattan - May 2008

We're in the north of Goa (Anjuna) at the moment, and we really enjoyed ourselves with Rattan in Uttaranchal. We laughed an saw a lot.

I was happy to have Rattan as our driver, because I've never encountered such chaotic traffic in my life. We're going southwards to Palolem this afternoon or tomorrow morning. It's all very quiet here. Perhaps there as well, but at least we will get to see another beach.

Kausani was our favourite, so that played out well!
Thanks for looking after us.

Linda, Lydie, Dany and Paul, with Avtar - March / April 2008

The four of us left from Brugge, on March the 19th. The flight to India went fine. We were picked up from the airport in Delhi for a lesson in joy riding from the local airport service on the way to our hotel. On the next morning, we were welcomed by our driver Avtar.

We made our travel plans with the help of Rob: The route 'Delhi - Nawalgarh - Jaipur - Agra - Orchha - Khajuraho - Delhi' should be a success. We visited Haridwar and Rishikesh on our own. The Ganges is a must-see!

A short description of our driver: Avtar is a very competent driver in the chaos that is India. We all felt safe with him as our driver. His knowledge of the English language is good as well. Furthermore, he is helpful, cooperative and punctual. Avtar is definitely recommended by us.

The car in which we drove was a comfortable Toyota Innova six-seater. The trip through Rajasthan went well; we did not obtain 'Delhi belly'. We adapted a vegetarian diet, which paid off. We felt at home in this area, which can not be said about Agra. The trip to Khajuraho via Orchha was tiring because of the heat (around 45°C).

India must be seen, felt, smelled, and tasted by yourself, because the experience of visiting this country is difficult to put into words.

Else and Paul, with Rattan - March 2008

We've made a wonderful trip through the north of India. We chose for this lesser known region, because we already saw Rajasthan. We do not regret this decision!

Our driver was the unsurpassed Rattan. All the positive comments that previous travellers made about him are true! He is an excellent driver, plus he's considerate, careful, entertaining, inventive, etc.!

We felt very safe with him in the middle of the crazy Indian traffic, and his car is suitable for taller people. In our opinion, there's no better driver/travel companion around in India! And because he speaks proper English and has a broad interest, we could discuss al sorts of topics with him while we were on the road.

Amritsar , the Golden Temple, must have been the highlight of our trip. This is an absolute must-see for India lovers! Our trip continued to Dharamsala (where we saw the Dalai Lama), through Mandi, Manali, and the beautiful Shimla, to Rishikesh and Haridwar.

We enjoyed the astonishing scenery along the way: varying landscapes of green valleys with thousands of fruit trees and bright yellow mustard fields, tea plantations, mountain-passes, and green terraces just like in Indonesia, until we reached the place where the Ganges starts her journey as a mountain river to the sea.

We spent the final days of our trip in Neemrana, in a fortress that is transformed into a five star hotel, 75 miles south of Delhi. There were beautiful small gardens with colourful plants, and there was a swimming pool. When it became dark in the evening, thousands of lights were switched on: a true fairytale!

Ruud and Moniek, with Bharat - March 2008

Our first reaction: we are enjoying ourselves tremendously: India really is a world on it's own, and we're happy that it's a part of our trip.

We should also count ourselves lucky to have Bharat as our driver: he is very kind, considerate, drives pleasant and safe, thinks along with us and is reliable. Plus, he knows his way around in India, which makes us see far more of the country than described in our Lonely Planet.

Currently, we have visited Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. We'll head for Gwalior tomorrow, and we're anxious to see what will be revealed to us over there.

Hannie and Lea, with Rattan - February / March 2008

We had such a great time in North-India / Rajasthan, it was marvellous. First of all, Rattan is a wonderful person and an unbelievably skilled driver. Wherever we went, he knows the route and he doesn't take any unnecessary risks in the chaotic Indian traffic. Also, Rattan's stories about his country seem endless. The weeks flew by, and we've had a lot of fun together too.

A few days of relaxing in Kovalam, South-India was amazing as well. Unfortunately, we endured a lot of rain, but the temperature was pleasant. Everything did change a lot here, we're afraid that the same might happen to Goa in five years. They have to keep up with the times, though!

Jacqueline and Bas, with Shibu - February 2008

We have made an astonishing trip, and we are really glad that we chose to travel in this way. We were hesitant at first to travel with a car instead of public transport, but it turned out to be great.

We are very pleased with Shibu, he really is an excellent driver. I have not experienced a moment of fear in these three weeks, and that is saying something with the traffic in India. Shibu knows how to handle the situation. We had an argument once; we noticed that he became a bit insecure when he had to drive to a place unknown to him, but this was resolved just fine, so nothing but praise!

Rob, we would like to thank you for your caretaking, your quick replies all of the time, and for the wonderful initiative that you've set up in India. Until next time!

Mireille and Davy, with Rattan - February 2008

We are back from 'incredible India', as our driver Rattan kept calling it over and over. Our trip was a fantastic experience. You have to see, smell, and feel it to completely understand it.

Even for Davy, who knows quite a bit about culture, this visit was a real shock. We have seen such beautiful things. Rattan took us to places that could have come straight out of a film. What touched us the most were the people, though. We have seen so much poverty; it touched me deeply.

Rattan was so much more than just a driver for us. He is - like we told him - a wise, cheerful, friendly, and smart person. We laughed a lot, and talked a lot about the differences between Europe and India. We connected right away, and from day two we asked virtually everything we wanted, and I think the same goes for Rattan. Our trip certainly wouldn't have been the same without him.

We thought we were well prepared, but actually being in India is different than imagining it from your cosy chair at home. Words can't really express all of our experiences. Everything went so well. One week in India really was enough for me. I had a hard time coping with all the poverty again and again. The hotels that we stayed in were really nice; we were glad to be there in the evening, so we could get some rest before a new day arrived. We did not travel on our own in the evenings, because I was intimidated by the chaotic traffic.

We are currently making a beautiful photo gallery with music, and we'll definitely send you a copy to thank you, Rob. Because we would also like to say thanks to you for the good advice, and for setting up our trip, etc..

Jorg en Li (from Germany) with Avtar, Februar 2008

Thanks for all arrangement from your side and also thanks for taking care a lot. The trip was very good, but not relaxing. We think that it definitely takes more than 2 weeks to do that trip to get some feeling of holiday.

We have been everywhere in Asia but India was some kind of special: special in traffic, special in people and special in tipping and ticket prices for tourists.

But one thing was a perfect combination for us: Avtar, who is a clever guy with good English language and a safe driver too and the Ambassador which was comfortable and also kind of Indian history car. So with Avtar and the Ambassador I would do this trip again.

Willem, Joy, Hans and Ellen, with Avtar - December 2007/January 2008

We've enjoyed ourselves tremendously in Rajasthan. The hired driver and car worked out well, only my girlfriend who sat in the backseat did not have that much space next to all the luggage.

The driver Avtar was very friendly and arranged our train ticket to Goa, as well as the plane ticket back to Delhi, for a reasonable price. So we took the train from Agra to Goa on the 27 th of December, to celebrate New Year's Eve with our friends over there.

The train ride was a fun experience, but we were glad to arrive in Goa after two nights. The trip in the North was rather tiring for the ladies, and they were longing for sun, sea, beach, and a beer (just like myself, actually).

The golden temple in Amritsar was definitely worth visiting. We found the local ambience to be very relaxing, maybe because this place isn't visited that much by tourists.

Jaissalmer in the desert was also very beautiful. The route over the mountains at Ranakpur was a blast as well. We stayed in a great hotel. We paid 2500 Indian rupees, and really got our money's worth. The bubble bath at night was pretty relaxing.

Our impression of India was that it is a beautiful country. However, it's a pity that a lot of places almost resemble a garbage dump, and that the hygiene often isn't all that great. It seems to me that the government really should look for solutions to these problems.

We all obtained the "Delhi Belly", except for my Taiwanese girlfriend. We all catched a cold as well, and I obtained food poisoning on the last day in Goa. The Indian food was a disappointment sometimes, because of all the vegetarian restaurants and the chicken menu's that get dull when you eat it so much. We did eat delicious meals frequently as well, though.

All in all, we've had a good time in India. Everything was taken care of properly, so I will definitely recommend you with friends and acquaintances who might plan on travelling to India.

Jan and Petra, with Rattan - December 2007

We travelled through India with Rattan in December, after a visit to Nepal. We visited Amritsar and Rajasthan on our own. We concluded our trip in Mumbai. It was quite a shift for Petra; going from Nepal to India. But thanks to Rattan's support, all troubles changed in enthusiasm and praise in just a matter of days. We liked to drink tea in local stands by the road, which went perfectly after a few days.

Rattan is a capable driver in the chaotic Indian traffic. He is friendly, helpful, and concerned. We walked home from a temple on the second day, while Rattan followed us in his car. We told him that we were accountable for our own wellbeing in India, if we went out by ourselves.

Rattan noticed quickly that we wanted our own space when visiting cities and towns, with the safety of having his phone number in our pocket. His motto was: if you are enjoying yourselves, then I'm fine with that.

We heard some negative stories about drivers from other travellers, so we were lucky to have Rattan! We had complete liberty in making decisions about which hotels to stay in and which places to visit. We valued Rattan's knowledge about India, and we had a lot of laughs and discussions in the car. Rattan even arranged our train tickets to Amritsar, and he was full of praise about Rob.

We met Rattan's family on our last day in India. His wife takes care of the entire household, and raises the children. Petra and I acquired a lot of respect for Rattan and his wife, and we really enjoyed the hospitality that evening.

Rattan will probably be contacted again if we ever go back to India, and we already recommended him to friends and acquaintances.

We enjoyed all places we went to, but our advice is to skip Pushkar, and to go see Amritsar with it's Golden Temple. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously in the three weeks that we stayed in India.

Lieve, son and girlfriend, with Rattan - November 2007

After eight visits to India, I decided to explore central India as well this time. There are not many places filled with tourists in that area, which appealed to me. I found Rob's website with Google, and shared my vision on travelling through India with him, as well as the places that I wanted to visit. It was decided that Rattan would be our driver, because of the lesser known, poor quality roads in Madhya Pradesh.

I wouldn't know what to look for in a driver besides all qualities that Rattan has: he is a fine person, an excellent driver, considerate, correct, eager to learn, cheerful, humorous, calm, punctual, and he gave good advice to expand our travelling plans.

It was a calm journey, we rarely drove more than 125 miles per day. It was tiring to drive almost daily to the next destination. Also, because of an average speed of 30 miles an hour, you have to sit in the car for a long time in order to drive relatively short distances.

We were with three people, and we all brought our own small suitcase and backpack. Rattan also brought a cooler along, so that we had fresh water during our trip. It's a very comfortable way of travelling.

Travelling through India is always fascinating. You experience an endless amount of impressions, which is gripping and relaxing at the same time.

For my next trip to India, I won't have to Google "car rental with driver" anymore, because I don't have to look further than Rattan, his colleagues, and Rob. Thanks Rob and Rattan! We are already thinking about our next trip.

Miranda and Hannie, with Rattan - November 2007

My mother (70) and I (37) have travelled a lot (a.o. Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia; all of the times on our own), and we had cherished the wish to visit India for years. A car with a driver seemed to us like it was the ideal way to experience Rajasthan.

We found Rob's website with Google, and we made a tour of 18 days through India with Rattan as our driver. In spite of all of our travelling experience, we did find India to be very chaotic and often dirty as well, but hiring a car with a personal driver was truly fantastic! Not only does Rattan drive excellent (not unimportant, considering the busy traffic!), he really made an effort to have us enjoy ourselves.

Rattan helped by making reservations at hotels, buy us bananas, give us his telephone number for the home front, and even by bargaining when we wanted to buy a special chess-set!

We also appreciated Rob calling from The Netherlands every now and then, to check on how we were doing.

If you decide to go to India, then this truly is an amazing way to see a lot of the country in a short amount of time and in a comfortable way!

Willy and family, with Raj - September/October 2007

It was a fascinating, but tiring trip. We wouldn't think about going back, though (especially not to Rajasthan). My opinion did become somewhat milder now that we're back home for three weeks.

The landscape is, with exception of the Aravelli mountains, boring. The cities are, save for a fortress and astounding temples, not very interesting and especially tiring (except for Udaipur, Pushkar, and Bundi). The people are of course unique (which is the case in every country).

We probably set our expectations too high. By the way, we are wondering whether Rajasthan is indeed the most interesting area of India.

Raj does seem like an ideal driver for a trip like this. Again Rob, thank you for intervention.

Cyril en Angelina with Bharat, augustus 2007

We drove through Rajastan with Bharat for three weeks and it was a great way to learn about India. It was our first trip to India and with the car and driver we were able to see a lot of things in quite a short time.

Travel Report

Ans and Ton, with Mukesh - July/August 2007

We've made a wonderful trip through Rajasthan. It was a very beautiful route, that lasted 23 days. It was quite relaxing to be able to take our time for everything. We spoke to several people who were in India for 15 days, but then you must hurry to see everything.
India is very colourful! It was an amazing exploration of this country! If we return someday, we'd pick Mukesh as our driver again, without any hesitation!

Travel Report 2007


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